Program Information

Each year, MSHLAX conducts programs in the spring and fall.  Our primary season is spring and runs from March 1 through the first weekend in June.  "Pre-season" is held in March and our spring game season begins the first week of April depending on school and holiday calendars.

In the spring, our teams in 1st - 8th grade play a full schedule of games versus NJJLL (North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League) opponents.  Away games are usually no more than an hour from Millburn, and home games are played either on the MHS turf field or the Millburn Library turf field.

A typical spring season comprises 12-18 games per grade level as well as 2-3 tournaments per grade level.  The older grades usually practice 2-3 times per week and the younger grades 1-2 times per week.  We also hold a clinic for our township's Kindergarteners.