Millburn-Short Hills Lacrosse Club, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.  None of our Directors receive any compensation for their time and efforts; though we do hire professional coaches to complement our volunteer coaches, the vast majority of our coaches and managers are working pro bono for the club.

MSHLAX strives to provide programs and opportunities for children at all levels of play while keeping dues and fees at a reasonable level. Furthermore, MSHLAX will never "bench" a child or cause a child to "lose his/her spot" on a team simply because the child misses a practice or decides not to play for a season.

Despite the energetic support of our coaches, parents and players, our program faces certain challenges that can be overcome with additional financial support:

  • Field space is a perennial issue.  Our town has only one lined lacrosse field on turf, and the other grass fields used for practices and games are well below field regulation standards.  Ultimately, it is our club's greatest ambition to raise funds to support the addition of turf fields available to our program for practices and games.
  • Coaching: yes, we benefit from a tremendous group of parents who have a depth of experience in playing and coaching lacrosse, but having funds to pay professional coaches brings undeniable benefits:
    • Provides a dynamic view of the sport and level of specialization;
    • Enables us to have MORE TEAMS per grade level and therefore maximize touches and playing time for all players.
  • Equipment: our annual budget is based on covering the costs of each season of play with enough surplus to buy or replace equipment as may be critically needed.  That said, as the seasons go by, our goals, nets, bounce-backs and other equipment need replacing.  Additional funds will enable us to purchase and maintain top-quality safety, practice and game equipment year after year in addition to purchasing "wish list" items such as digital scoreboards, agility training equipment, and new practice pinnies.

In short, WE LAX FOR LOVE...not for money!  If you share our passion for the sport and our commitment to the children who want to play it, please click below to donate.