GIRLS Program

The mission of our girls' program (GLAX) is:

  • to provide an opportunity to learn how to play lacrosse;
  • to participate on a team fostering good sportsmanship and teamwork; and
  • to have fun!

Our Girls Program is a member of the Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association (JGLA) and US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse.  Club members can participate in a variety of NJ league events as well as special events and clinics sponsored by US Lacrosse.

Our coaches are trained in the US Lacrosse level 1 certification and many have also participated in workshops provided by the Positive Coaching Alliance as well as educational clinics at the US Lacrosse Convention or JGLA sponsored clinics.

GLAX follows the ROOTS of positive play philosophy:

  • Rules: we follow them.
  • Opponent: a worthy opponent is a gift that forces us to play at our highest potential.
  • Officials: we treat our officials with respect.
  • Teammates: make your teammates proud by doing the best you can (on and off the field) and by supporting them in all their efforts.
  • Self: we live up to our own standards regardless of what others do.

Our 1st and 2nd Grade Programs are instructional, have a light scrimmage schedule and center around stick skills, learning the basics of the game and having fun.

Grades 3 and 4 typically practice twice weekly and have a limited game schedule against surrounding town’s lacrosse teams.  This level plays 7v7 (half field) and will eventually learn the 12v12 game rules of play.

Our 5th and 6th Grade teams team usually practices 2 to 3 times weekly and play full-field, 12v12 games.  Practices focus on strategy, field positioning, and stick skills.  The schedule typically includes 10 to 12 games per season.

Grades 7 and 8 practice 2 to 3 times a week and play a schedule of approximately 12 games against surrounding town’s teams.  Modified checking is added into game play at this level.  Depending on registration numbers and the breadth of skills, we may elect to form teams at different competitive levels to enable play against Select, Travel, and/or Rec teams in and outside of our conference.  The coaches will determine how these teams will be divided, keeping in mind how the player has progressed and can handle certain situations.